Cabily – The Taxi Dispatch Software is here to stay

We are all aware of Uber and its phenomenal success around the world. The American online transportation network company has made every person’s travel life a lot easier since 2009. The multibillionaire company is now operating in more than 300 cities, that’s a huge number! The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick loves to flaunt his victory because several other Uber like services are slowly emerging to success. Though many critics call out the biggest network’s clones with names such as copy cats, gimmicks, they continue to grow rapidly with critically acclaimed success. But let’s not jump to the conclusion yet because its fellow competitors like Lyft and other local transportation network services are far behind in the race.

There was once a period when it was nearly impossible to clone Uber with all its existing features. Long gone are those Stone Age days, many clones are now more successful than the massive Uber itself. So what made Uber the front runner in the race for almost a decade? Its features were sleek and the best part is that it keeps adding the features often, only to make it better and stronger.

Cabily is not just any other Taxi Dispatch Software, it is the ultimate one

Cabily, the taxi dispatch software has got a lot of features that have been missed out in the other clones. It promises to offer the best online transportation network with its app on both IOS and Android. In other words, it even poses a threat to other infamous clones out there. Some of the features are,

  • Integrated analytics
  • Caller identification
  • Pay by credit card
  • Transaction history
  • Multi location access
  • Capture signal online
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • SMS authentication
  • Complaint management board
  • User loyalty programs
  • Mobile responsive front end website
  • Trace passenger on app on real time basis
  • Instant chat between driver and rider
  • Scan credit card
  • Automatic mobile dispatching
  • SOS panic button
  • Star ratings for both the users

It has got an app for the rider and driver as well, just like Uber. These two apps have many features that would benefit the users in an extensive way. Would you believe if it has features that do not even exist on Uber? Well, that’s right folks, Cabily has nailed it!

Cabily app – available for Android and IOS

The taxi dispatch software has an app for both IOS and Android developed on native mobile platform which is a huge bonus point! The app has many handy features like track the ride which allows your friend to track your ride, promo codes for the users to share, reviews, star ratings and feedback that would improvise the future trip experience. The app is classy, elegant and has got everything that a good app should possess. The look and feel of the app is worth mentioning it since it is better than many Taxi Dispatch Software’s that are now available in the tech market.  One of the key features of the app is that it allows the riders to schedule a ride in advance and the request will be sent to the drivers at the scheduled date and time, how cool is that?

Cabily, the taxi dispatch software promises to offer its users a world class experience with its exclusive app. It has Google map integration for its users to keep track of the routes to every ride and the drivers do not have to worry about finding the shortest path to the destination. It could even be a savior to people who do not use credit cards since it has an option called pay by cash, now that’s a great one! Another clever feature is automatic fare estimation and calculation since it puts up a fair game for the users. Tipping option is also available for all the generous hearts out there so the lucky drivers can get to party, definitely not being sarcastic! The riders can mark their rides as favorite with favorite ride option, it saves a lot of time and trip history option comes in handy for the users to keep track of the records.

The biggest question is whether or not the app is customizable and the answer is a big fat YES! Cabily, the online taxi app is hundred percent customizable and can be tailored according to the clients’ requests. New features can be implemented on app and delivered to the clients with no bug. The list of existing features on app include,

  • Wallet money option
  • Tipping option
  • Pay by cash
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Invite friends
  • Push notifications for drivers and riders
  • Social media login
  • Emergency contact facility
  • Requesting a ride with or w/o destination
  • Surge pricing
  • Favorite ride option for the riders
  • Automatic bill generation
  • Trip history option
  • Promo codes
  • Call rider feature
  • Accept or decline ride request
  • Phone number masking
  • Real time GPS tracking

The app’s booking is faster than other Uber clones and the reason behind its spontaneity is Mongo database. Incorporating Mongo database in the software has become a trend lately and very few wise mobile applications like Cabily have chosen the right one.

The drivers can either go online or offline and they can even reject ride requests after getting to know the riders’ locations. It is as simple as that! Many online transport apps out there are not so user friendly for the drivers but when it comes to Cabily, the story is in favor for the drivers. The taxi dispatch software is modeled to serve the users (riders/drivers) equally and is very user friendly. It has already infused fear among its fellow competitors, true that!

Will it pose a threat to the leading multinational company, Uber?

Uber is the largest transport network that has been operating since 2009 and it is not very easy to snatch away the fame in a few months of time. Though Cabily possesses all the features that have already been owned by Uber, it is critically acclaimed. It would soon reach the heights as Uber did and it is because of its infinite pros. The American online transport company is slowly losing its momentum due to its security concerns. Recently, there were speculations that Uber allows unlicensed drivers to become registered users on its app and Travis Kalanick promised to provide more secured service for its users.

When it comes to security concerns, Cabily is superior to the Uber clones or let’s even call it Uber wannabes! The taxi dispatch software allows only authorized and licensed drivers to be a part of its app. They are required to upload the legal documents during registration process to become the verified drivers. Also, the drivers with average star ratings and bad feedback will be forever banned from using the mobile application. It even applies to the riders as well, no partiality on that! The riders can even let their friends to track the ride through SMS notification. They can even be connected to the local cops through phone calls when they hit the SOS button. With all these amazing features, Cabily is all set to give a new meaning to the so called “Taxi dispatch software” and change the trend of online taxi cab concept forever. You do not have to worry about getting a cab to your destination because it just one click away!

The mobile app is hassle free and easy to understand, the users do not have to be professionally trained to use it. The locals from different countries will not find it difficult to use it because the taxi dispatch software can be set up in many languages. It is completely dynamic as well, that’s definitely an added advantage! The advanced search engine is integrated with the app to make the search option return accurate results. Any payment gateway can be integrated with the app since it is purely customizable. The taxi dispatch software can be customized according to the requests and it will then be delivered to the clients. The mobile app will be consumed by n number of end users and it would be put up in the tech market by the clients with the help of investors of course! The procedure of delivering a bug free app could sound like a huge task that requires a lot of efforts. But customizing Cabily and delivering it is spot on and effortless when compared to other taxi dispatch software gimmicks out there. Once the customized Cabily is delivered and installed, the service would serve thousands of end users and bring in many positive reviews. It could even possibly overcome the fame and success of Uber that has been the reigning online transport network company since a decade, you never know! So as the title says, Cabily is definitely here to stay and the fellow competitors are already feeling the intense heat.