It is no mystery that most of the major automakers in the world are developing their own version of self driving cars. But it is never easy to get them on road given their cost and safety concerns surrounding them.
So companies tie up with taxi aggregators and delivery service providers like Uber and Amazon. Fiat has expressed its interest as the main supplier of self driving cars for both of them. Uber has already started testing with Ford’s self-driving fusion car in Pittsburgh and now fiat may supply with more numbers. Uber CEO Travis Kalvanick has stated his willingness to buy Tesla cars if they achieve full automation capability. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos while speaking at the code conference stated the lack of delivery options in peak times and holiday season. Having a driverless car fleet will substitute the lack of availability.

However Amazon has its inclination towards drones for delivery of small items and cars only for bigger products.
Fiat has also partnered with Google to test their fleet of self driving cars, this will double the fleet of the company to 200 cars. Fiat will provide 100 Chrysler Pacifia van which will be mounted with Google’s autonomous car technology. Google’s head of self driving cars John Krafcik stated that the opportunity to work with fiat engineers will accelerate their efforts to develop self driving cars. Partnerships of these sorts are bound to increase with automakers trying to choose between Google’s technology and their own in house system.

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