Walmart is the largest retailer in the world; Uber and Lyft are the biggest players in network based transportation or gig economy or in many other names by which they are known. Both the companies are aware of the fact that they need to develop better streams of revenue for sustained presence in the industry and both the companies have fierce competition in the market. Walmart has competition in grocery sector from Target, Costco and now the latest being Amazon online grocery services called Amazon fresh. Uber and Lyft are fierce rivals and they have competitors coming up every day in every part of the world.

These companies are collaborating to provide grocery delivery services, Walmart announced this during their annual shareholder’s meeting. In select locations Walmart will introduce this feature through which the customers can place their orders online. Personalized shopper will collect the items and will transport it through uber or Lyft. The customer will not be interacting with anyone throughout the process and will be sent notifications regarding the time and location of delivery.

Each delivery will cost around $7 to $10 for the customer. The cost is affordable given the hustle involved in going to a grocery shop buying and coming back home. The details regarding the partnership is yet to be announced, like how much uber or Lyft will be paid per delivery and which locations it will be offering the services. Walmart has the advantage of being present in 5,000 locations across U.S which will make its delivery service faster and efficient compared to other similar services.

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