The era we live is on the verge of reaching the next level, so do the individual people living and working for the enhancement of the society. This seems a simple statement, but a view from the ground zero will change half of the perspective. The problem everyone faces today is finding no time, almost for everything, specifically for commuting. People find it hard to commute and travel across the city. Get Me Taxi is here to serve everyone by providing taxi services. But this is not a traditional taxi service which has been serving for the past few centuries.

No More Manual Interaction

Get Me Taxi is not like the traditional taxi system, where one reaches the street and calls a taxi to pick him. This is an all-new taxi system that is mostly automatic. To call a taxi one has to install the application software on their Smartphone and tablet. The application software is available online and one has to download and install it. Every time the user enters into to the application, it pops up a map. The user must turn the Geo Positioning System on so that the users can locate themselves and also the cabs available near them.

E-wallet Payments

Well, riding seems easy eh? What about the payment to be paid for the taxi fare. Some would go for the traditional transaction of paying with cash. But many feel this need to be simplified, like by a tap on a button. Our system has such a cool feature like that, and that’s called e-wallet. With the help of e-wallet payment has never been easier before. This feature is inbuilt in the application. All the user has to do is to add up some money from his bank account and can pay whenever the user takes a ride in Get Me Taxi.

Panic Button

Get Me Taxi incorporates this feature in the software for the women passengers who take the ride alone. SOS stands for Save Our Souls when this button is pressed, it will indicate an alert message to the service and support team. This acts as a panic button in a nutshell. And one of the most welcomed features by many customers.

Location Bookmark

This is one of the coolest features present in Get Me Taxi, this feature is mainly designed to ease the searches made by the user. Every time the user opens the app to book a ride, the user has to type the destination. But this can be avoided by bookmarking the places on the map. Bookmarking is nothing but marking few of the user’s favorite or the places often visited. For instance, the user can bookmark his home and whenever the user wants to take a ride back home, the user can type home in the search bar then books a ride.


This is a Cloud-based software, which means the software is served by a technology called Cloud computing. Traditional websites and other online services have their own servers to store the data. But Cloud is more like a rental server provided by some other organization and the reliability is better than an individual server. Because Cloud is more robust and has good networking compared to an individual server. Since our services are Cloud-based, it is capable of handling an ample of customers at a time and would still provide the same facilities.

Get Me Taxi has got two modules, one for the driver and another one for the rider. The above-said features are just a few, but Get Me Taxi has got many features and do check it out by using it. To know more about our APP features Click Here.

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