People around the world are facing so many difficulties in many aspects, even in their daily life. Commuting has been in practice for million years, many people in the old days used to commute to the pastures to herd the sheep. Just like that many used to travel to many places. This is still in practice, that many people belong to the modern world still need to travel and commute to one place to another. But many people end up with disappointment in finding the right transportation with their desired mode of payment.

But this issue is nowhere to be found now, especially since the arrival of Get Me Taxi. Get Me Taxi is a computer and mobile based software that is used to find, book and ride taxis, with just some easy taps and swipes in your Smartphone. Get Me Taxi is revolutionary software, which comprises many cool features in it. And this software doesn’t take much space in your phone and works efficiently. This software integrates many modules to make the work easy. Well, let’s go for a small ride to explore the coolest features of this app.

Quick Registration

Unlike other websites and applications, Get Me Taxi won’t require a registration which needs lengthy details. Drivers should provide their basic details like name, phone number, email address, residential address and then the driver can upload their driver’s license, commercial driving permit and other documents. With just this details a driver can register himself in the application.

Handling Capacity

Get Me Taxi has the ability to handle an ample number of customers at a time. And the installation can be done with few taps and clicks on the screen. This software has built to robust and has many protocols to avoid data theft. And this is a Cloud based software, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere. And all the data are stored in the Cloud, so this is not a software that runs with the help of a private server. Cloud is huge platform for data storage. And most of the data are optimized for redundancy.


Get Me Taxi is automatic software that requires minimum number of user input. Users don’t have to do anything hard to make a booking for a ride. Once the user opens the application, it will integrate the map module, with the help of the map module users can locate themselves in the map by turning on the GPS, which is an in-built features that comes in every Smartphone.

SOS Calls

Get Me Taxi has this feature mostly for female passengers. Generally SOS stands for Save Our Souls, which is a distress call. When the passenger, especially female passengers travelling alone finds this very useful and gives them a relief. The passenger can tap the button on the screen to alert the support team that they are in distress, and this panic button is an integrated feature of the app.

Get Me Taxi is a must-try app to have a hassle-free ride, regardless of the time and location.

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