In the present era, Taxi dispatch software plays an important role in the field of the transportation industry and it is also one of the best service providers. This gigantic system is one of the best techniques for both of the taxi drivers and also the taxi organizations. Allocation of the work is done in an efficient manner for the taxi drivers.

At the same time, it is also used for the folks who can book the taxi when there is a great need for the taxi dispatch software app.  There is a list of features where Taxi dispatch software should possess such as pickup/drop in an airport, Hourly Rentals, Ride Sharing, Geo-Fencing and Chat Feature etc. A normal ride is totally different from a ride to that of the airport. Since the airport pickup or the drops consume most of the time of a taxi driver, it is better to have totally a different billing strategy.

Generally, a taxi dispatch software app contains a list of features for both of the Driver Application and the Passenger Applications. With the aid of the Admin panel, there is an overall control of the assets, taxi reservations, transactions including the CRM. Next, the driver application feature has all the login details including that of the GPS tracking system. These features help the driver to manage all the works in an efficient manner.

Let have we can have a view on the additional features which include the statistical earning report, real-time notification, and history of rides etc. Instant Notification is a feature where we can gain the information whether the passenger is available for the trip or not. At the same time, another option is also available where the drivers can look back for their trips and can receive the message from the concerned app.

Next, one is the passenger app where the user can book the taxi from anywhere. On the other side of the flip, the users can view the travel histories including that of the balance wallet amount. There is a list of the additional features where one can log in through the social media sites. At the same time, they can also earn the credits including the free rides by exchanging the unique codes to friends, relatives, and colleagues. The passengers come to know about all the fare estimation details and every one of us know that the taxi booking is a simple process and the rating system brings a good idea about our trips.

With the aid of the Admin panel, one can manage both of the dispatchers including the taxi cabs of the concerned areas. On the other side of the flip, there is a list of the additional features which include the user management, organization management, tracking of the driver activities, surge pricing including the driver management.

One can easily manage the overall users which include both of the new users and the existing users so that there is an efficient categorization of the business attractions.  The admin panel also provides a choice to create a unique panel for the smaller, medium and the larger organizations to manage the overall dispatching system. Spotting of the driver is also possible especially for the high demand places exclusively for the taxi booking process.

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