As the world turns advance in technology every now and then, so do the people who are working for the progress of the world and the society. People hardly get time to do anything they like, as they are busy with their work. In this fast-paced life, they don’t have time to wait for anything, literally. People are often facing problems in commuting to work and also in traveling to other parts of the city. Get Me Taxi is one such software application that provides to its customers an easy commuting even in the busy hours.

Get Me Taxi software provides its customers a hassle-free ride anytime to anywhere in the city. Get Me Taxi is a taxi booking software that is available free for anyone who wishes to make use of this taxi service. Customers need to download the application and they are required to install it on their Smartphone. The users need to fill their data in the application, which is later used to provide services to the customers. The company doesn’t ask any of the customers’ sensible data, the customer has to provide general data like name, contact number, and email address, etc.


Get Me Taxi is a fully automatic application, which means it needs very less human interaction. The users don’t have to do all the actions from the scratch by themselves, for instance, once the user opens up the application (of course with prior internet connection), he/she needs to register or login with valid authentication. Once the user logs into the application, it pops up a map where the users can locate themselves and also the taxis that are running near them. With the use of the search tab, the users can search their desired destination location. After this, the user can book a taxi that is available.

Round the Clock Support

Get Me Taxi provides support to its employees and to its customers. Support plays a vital role in any business and it seems like Get Me Taxi is a pioneer in this, as it provides support all time. And then contacting the support team is not limited to the cell phones but it also reaches various other platforms such as Basecamp, Audio or Video call, Whatsapp, Skype, Email, etc. It has employed many professionals to assist its customers. Just like the contacting method, which is not confined to certain limits, timings to contact the support team are also not limited. One can contact the support team anytime as it provides 24/7 support.

Safe & Effortless Payments

No matter how many features and facilities that a taxi service company provides, but the real pain comes when money is involved. Many are worried about the carrying the hard cash with them, as the world took a turn at the point and it is heading to the peak of the technology. This taxi service provides the customers the easiest payment method that quite popular nowadays, that is e-wallet. E-wallets are a digital wallet where one can add their money directly from their bank account and can use later for their personal use. With the advent of e-wallet, one doesn’t have to worry about carrying hard cash and e-wallets are pretty fast and secure.

Apart from the above-said features, Get Me Taxi is an all-new taxi dispatching software application that consists of various facilities for the users. Few of the features are SOS Button, Usage of Promo Codes, Bookmarking the favorite location, scheduling rides for later, estimating the fare before booking the taxi, etc. Give a try on this awesome app once to experience a swift ride. Explore to Get Me Taxi to know more details.

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