Get Me Taxi is a taxi dispatching software that is used according to the bookings ordered by the customers. In the modern busy world, everyone is busy running behind something in order to accomplish. People often have to travel and commute to various places to make money or for various things. But finding a way for transportation is a not as easy as it seems. People find it hard to find taxis, especially when it comes to the fare. Most people end up bargaining with the driver to reduce the fare, some drivers would take a longer route to make the fare more, and some drivers won’t give back the balance money of the fare. Some commuters find it hard to have hard cash with them wherever they go, even though digital money has made a grand entry.

To find a solution for the above-said issues and the issues that weren’t mentioned above, in general, e-commerce has been introduced. Many people make use of the internet to run their business and to make money. Taxi business is not an exception for this, many people run their taxi business solely based on internet, not only taxi businesses but some of the carpools are internet based.

Automated Completely

Get Me Taxi is completely automated and automated software are ruling the field now. Automated, the word suggests that the application works automatically with minimum human interaction. In the taxi software, the person doesn’t have to look for manual transmissions, to find taxis near him, he just has to turn the Geo Positioning System (GPS) on. This will find the taxis near the person and make it appear on the screen. And this application automatically takes the map module and position the person on the map. And once you book the taxi, the software will approve your order and will assign a driver to pick you up.

Round the Clock Support

Get Me Taxi provides support for the customers 24/7. Customer support is provided through various ways like Phone calls, Basecamp, Skype, and Whatsapp. Our employees are ready to take your queries anytime and happy to assist you round the clock.

Simple & Easy to Use

Get Me Taxi is very simple and easy to use. It has a cool and attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI), which makes the customer book a taxi without any difficulty. Users don’t have to have any prerequisites to use this application. It is developed targeting all the people, regardless of their educational background. Both the mobile application and the website are designed user-friendly. This would be very easy in all terms, like payment and bookings of the taxis. One can cancel the ride before taking the ride, and the company won’t charge you for any cancellation of rides.

Get Me Taxi has a wide range of customers and many have given a happy and a positive feedback. Mostly our taxis are good in condition and one can enjoy a business class ride in every car he/she books.

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