Wherever we go around the world, the only friend who picks and drops us to the preferred destination on time is the taxi or cab.  In order to make your ride more faster and cheaper, GetMe Taxi app assists you in reaching your preferred destination. This app works on automation as we are living in a digital world and there is no need for a manual option or acceptance to assign cabbies. Since the app is user-friendly, it is developed in such a way that it does not require any technical knowledge to use it. Also, the back end team provides 24/7 customer service through various social media apps like Skype, Video/Audio call, WhatsApp, and lot more. Moreover, this app uses cloud-based hosting and hence more than 10000 taxis can be managed easily.

Excellent amenities ever

Since the app is user-friendly, the cabbies can also use this app by changing the language for easy convenience. After booking the cab, the user will be provided with all the details of the cab as well as the chauffeur’s details that will be displayed on the screen. Also, we provide many features in order to make you feel and secure. You can also write and view the ratings about our service as well as about the cabbies. We use advanced navigation systems and hence our chauffeurs will make your ride in a traffic-free area and takes safely to the destination as soon as possible.

Moreover, this is not only an excellent service for the customers but also for drivers as we have inserted various options for their own ease of access and remain stress-free in reaching and delivering the customers on time. Also, all the service is offered to the customers by simply touching the cashless mobile payments so that with few taps you can pay the actual amount for our quality service. Are you eager to take your first ride with our service? Then do the registration process as it requires only a few taps and then you can begin to enjoy the service by booking your friend’s service. Explore Our Website to know more.

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