In the present era, Taxi Dispatch software is one of the most popular ones and it is almost preferred by everyone.  Most of the youngsters go ahead with the online booking app which is similar to that of the other ride-sharing apps. There are many advantages in this software when compared to that of the traditional taxi services. On the other side of the flip, it plays a vital role in the lives of the office goers.

How are the people benefitted by using Taxi Dispatch Software?

The Taxi Dispatch Software is compatible with almost android, iOS including the Window gadgets. There is a list of taxi applications available in Smartphone and the customers can make use of it at anytime and anyplace. The payment solutions are flexible one and here all types of services available such as the debit card and credit card etc. So the folks need not worry about the factor of cash in hand and they can enjoy with their friends and family.

What are the lists of fascinating features provided by GetMeTaxi?

With the available option of the rate card available in the app, the folks can check for the ride pricing. At the same time, they can also check for the history of the rides for multiple times within the app; the entire history of the ride is available. So the folks need not worry about anything. The greatest advantage is that the folks can invite their friends and colleagues by using the options of Facebook and Google Plus options. The scheduling of the ride is possible and there is no any need of waiting time in order to make a booking.

The customers can share their profile with their well-wishers and also they can share it in the social media accounts easily. Since the app is globally used; there is a list of languages used to enhance the convenience for the users. The customers have all the rights to edit their profile and change the information about location, phone number, and Email id etc. Once the booking is confirmed automated notification message will be sent to the customer. In case if the booking is also canceled, an automated SMS will be dispatched. Before going for any confirmation of the ride, the estimated amount will be displayed on the screen. If the folks are free they can rate the driver and also give feedback to the drivers so that it will be helpful for the other folks in the future.  With the aid of the SOS panic button, the solo female travelers can travel without any fear in the late nights. With the aid of GPS, the folks can track the driver’s location so that they can be without any frustration. If any discount needed while booking the ride for shorter or longer distance then the promo code can be used. One can bookmark their location so that they can use it for the upcoming bookings in the future.

Enjoy your car travel with Get Me Taxi.

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