In the present world, Taxi dispatch software is in viral use as it provides an efficient mode of transportation. When there is a great need for traveling from one place to another this software will be more useful. There are many advantages of using this software and it is a compatible one with android, iOS including the Window Gadgets. If the folks wish to update the booking details it can be made in a fraction of seconds. The entrepreneurs, who wish to take their business to the next level, can use the script of this software.

Unique Characteristics of our taxi service

There is a list of amazing features provided by this gigantic app. It is completely an automatic one and hence manual search option is not an essential one. At a time it can handle the number of Taxis easily and it has integration with the cloud-based hosting. The folks can purchase and use the white label apps without any complications. There is no any need of technical knowledge in order to use the app and the app is completely easier to use. Lists of platforms are available such as Base camp, Skype, Whats App etc for the customer’s support. Each and every code is customizable and flexible too.

The folks can also enhance the count of features and also modify the software. Automated messages will be sent to their mobile numbers once the booking process is done successfully. On the other side of the flip if the booking process is canceled then the message will be dispatched. The greatest advantage of this gigantic software is that before a person is confirming the booking process, an estimated fare amount will be displayed automatically in the screen so that the folks can come to a decision to accept the ride or not. The users have all the rights to rate the driver with an option if feedback so that it will be helpful for the other riders in the future. The folks can check the profile of the driver before confirming the booking process and if they feel unsafe they can cancel it immediately. Visit Our Website now.

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