We all have that one friend who helps us in all the toughest journey of life by paying attention to our feelings, emotions, and lots of ups and downs. Likewise, a taxi is also placed as a friend who takes us to our destination on time in a safe and secure manner. Most of us have the first car trip only by riding in a taxi. Even taxi is also a reason why most people are fond of buying cars. Chauffeurs also behave in a friendly way and treat all their customers with care and take them safely to the place one wants to go. Since many people find difficulty in booking their friendly trip, software called Get Me Taxi is created in such a way for the users to offer them a quality service at the best rate.

Best online pooling service

This Taxi dispatch software is the best platform to develop your business and can have a great experience with the professionals who provide their valuable support in both and front and backend process. Many clients had got benefited with this excellent pooling service option as their main goal is to meet their customer’s on-demand.

Get Me Taxi is a rider app specially developed for the users for their ease of access by providing them all the excellent features and benefits. This is the best app for the user to enjoy such unique features which can’t be found in any other apps. Customers can also invite their friends through social media apps and also can share the app with the friends in the same way.

Enjoy the benefits and features

Since this is an automatic app, there is no need to assign any drivers or do a manual search as per today’s new generation demands. Moreover, it is the turn-key solution for all taxi dispatch issues by simply purchasing with the aid of white label apps. These extraordinary benefits are not only for the customers but also for the chauffeurs where they can earn huge sum by taking rides to different places per day.

This driver app can be easily installed on any digital platforms like Android and iOS apps. also, the registration process is so simple when compared to other apps as it requires only a few of your personal details and can also be recovered whenever is necessary. Even cabbies can upload their license details and other document details directly and instantly along with that, all the documents are recorded and stored in a safe manner.

Customizable and reliable app for the users

Once the rider book the cab, the contact details are shared immediately with the driver of nearby location so that he can immediately reach the rider’s residence and contact them easily. This shows that the drivers are punctual and dedicated to their work. Also, riders can schedule their rides and they need not wait for the time to make their booking.

Users can choose their preferred language as this app is customizable and reliable. This includes a lot of languages and can their own language and can find the best way to communicate with the cabbies. All the notifications are sent via messaging about the booking and chauffeur details instantly even in offline. After the booking confirmation, the user can also track the location of the cabbies using GPS till the customer reaches the landing-place.

Promo codes are also available in this app which notifies about the offers and discounts for particular places or kilometers. Moreover, for the first time user or for the first time riders, offers are notified exclusively to enjoy the quality service and free trips. Also, for regular users, the actual amount for the trips is reduced with some coupons. Explore Our Website to know more.

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