We often hear uber for various services, the meaning of this is offering a service on demand. Today one can get accountants to movies whenever they wish to. However this generalization is not applicable to healthcare. One cannot create an Uber for healthcare. Everyone knows the lengthy procedure of calling a doctor 2 weeks in advance for appointments and waiting a minimum of 30 minutes to meet them. This may seem cumbersome and too traditional in the Uberized life. But one should understand healthcare is a humane and repetitive service which cannot be instant. It is not just a one time transaction. A good health care system relies on the strength of the relationship between patient and the primary physician.

We already have telemedicine and urgent care clinics and standalone ERs which are not associated with any hospital. They are all suitable for minor issues such as sprain etc. Of course there are certain problems in the current system. But uberizing it is not solution rather the roots of the system have to be changed. Barriers between patients and front-door of the hospital should be removed. The reason for primary physicians not spending enough time with patients comes from the fact that they need to spend incredible amount of time with the insurance procedure. Insurance companies pay physicians based on the number of transaction not based on the stuff they do. The fault is in the system of U.S healthcare which treats medical profession as business.

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